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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ethiopia border region fighting Must Stop

Governments of Somalia and Ethiopia need to act quickly to end the bloodshed in the border region. Fighting between Ethiopian paramilitary militia and Somali nomads at a border region claimed lives of many within few days.

Direct contact for accurate news is not easy. However, multiple credible but distant sources who have links with the region indicate that over the past few days several dozens have lost their lives and the death toll is rising.

The rural and nomadic population of a vast area had been displaced. Some sources suggest that brutal killing methods had been applied. Boreholes destroyed despite water scarcity in the region.

Ethiopia in particular has the bigger responsibility and also the capability to put the fighting to an end, because most of the killings are taking place inside Ethiopia. In addition to that, Ethiopian forces operate on both sides of the border as part of AMISOM, the African Mission to Somalia.

The longer the hostilities continue the risk is there for the conflict to attract the attention of pretentious armed groups in Somalia to join the conflict and the weaker side would never question the motives of a "helping" hand.